Saturday, July 11

What happened on July 8th?

The following post is a rough translation of an article that appeared on Radio Azadliq website.

The place where the incident took place:
- "Livan" restaurant in downtown Baku nearby Fountain Square
- Adnan and Emin were dining with 5 others
- The table next to them was occupied by two men- allegedly victims in the incident

The witnesses:
- The restaurant owner- Rizvan Alizade- appeared absolutely clueless with regard to the incident. In an interview with Radio Azadliq he first was surprised when he heard of what happened following the incident at his restaurant. "What are you saying? The boys were beaten and there was a case opened against them?" said he, surprised adding 5 minutes into the interview that he doesn't know what happened and that his staff cannon talk as they HAVE TO WORK! Not surprising he said that as him and some of his staff were taken to the police shortly after the incident

The incident:
- According to Ulvi Hasanli, who was at the restaurant with Emin and Adnan, Emin's last words before he got hit by one of the men were "I do not agree with the current government". Following these words, the guy stood up and while talking in an inappropriate language began hiting Emin. Seeing this Adnan stood up and while trying to protect Emin, also received several blows as a result of which his nose was broken and Emin received severe body injuries.

The result:
- Adnan and Emin were sentenced to two months of imprisonment based on charges of hooliganism however to remain at the detention facility until investigation is complete.

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