Monday, May 11

Things you can't do in this country (the list is longer I just included only few)

- You can't wear black;
- You can't mourn when the state doesn't allow you to;
- You can't walk in groups because police will arrest you;
- You can't speak freely;
- Azerbaijani police are bunch of thugs;
- You cannot do anything on the day of the President's birthday- no mourning, no protesting, no nothing.
For those who speak Azeri below it the link of several video clips from yesterday by OL youth movement:
"They couldn't even explain why they detained me" said Emin Milli, one of the arrested youth activists yesterday. 

"We were trying to get to the oil academy an leave the flowers on the steps when we were caught by the police who told us we can't do this on a day like this- President's birthday celebration" said another detained youth activist upon her release to OL! (the interviews available in Azeri can be viewed at the link listed above)
What I am curious about is that when the late president passed away, there were people visiting the cemetery even at night, he was on TV all the time, songs were written in his name. So there is (or was) tradition of mourning in our country. Then why, when 13 (not just one) students died at the university nothing was done?! Just because they weren't presidents? Or their death wasn't as important as that of the president? I guess I already know the answers for both of these questions, but what a disappointment and a let down once again...

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