Friday, February 19

Another step forward in breaking down stereotypes

Communication is possible, living together is possible, breaking down existing barriers is possible. This is a message, I would give to all non- believers in peace and reconciliation.

Please see a podcast for Transition Online titled "No borders here":


Unknown said...

Arzu I listened to your interview and I agree with you in most cases. The solution of Azerbaijan Armenian problems is only communication, dialog between socities. Maybe officials agree in some points, if Azerbaijan or Armenian socities will not ready for this, peace is impossible. In this process specially internet communication has very important role, maybe in Facebook and other groups we have to creat groups, where youth can discuss problems. Not only Azerbaijan, Armenian. Georgia also must join to this process. For the normal progressiv development of this region communication is very necessary. if we want to join EU. We need to be together, first we have to create little model of EU here, then we try to be member of EU.

Onnik Krikorian said...

I know we have too many statues in this region, but am tempted to say we need one of you. Would be cheap too as you're only small... ;)

Arzu Geybulla said...

Dear Javid,

Thank you for your comment. Its inspiring to hear people respond in such a positive way like you.

Communication is very important as you say and of course, we need Georgia since it plays such a major role when it comes to bringing communities from Armenia and Azerbaijan together on a mutual ground.

Thanks again,

Arzu Geybulla said...

Dear Onnik,

Thank you, i love the idea :)))

Anonymous said...

Dialog, communication between socities, it all ends up with COMPROMISE, both cant win in any case, @Onnik, are you ready to give up what is not yours? @Arzu are you ready to give up what's yours? It is so easy to write, because you only write and do not do anything....@ Javid, sorry,but you are living in utopia. Have you ever done anything towards representing Azerbaijan in one way or another?



Arzu Geybulla said...

Dear M.A aka anonymous: you say that i haven't done anything towards things i write but i have. you should check Onnik's and my work in the links below and then tell me whether i haven't done anything.

thanks for the comment once again,

here are the links:

Anonymous said...

@Arzu, I am aware of your work :)And I do admire it! And I am familiar with all your interviews that were possible to find online.

My question was addressed to Javid (as it shows @Javid)

About "not doing anything" I was looking for an answer to the question ..."@Arzu are you ready to give up what's yours?" Notice, I didnt put any names...just "what's yours" doesnt matter what it is, but it is yours.



Arzu Geybulla said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you :)

Right, I see now...
Well, it depends on whats mine- if you are talking about my work then yes, I am ready. If you are talking about my security then yes to that as well. Friends and family? My family is all in pieces and at times I feel I don't have a family at all, though I do care about each of them individually and am afraid for their well- being than mine. As to friends, I have a very diverse group of friends and if it endanger them to be my friend then i would personally tell them to stop being my friend because the last thing i would want is to see my friends in some kind of trouble or complicated situation.

SEVDA said...

I completely agree with M.A. Communication, dialog between Azerbaijan and Armenia is not going to bring anything and change the Armenian nation.Armenians possessed with idea that Kharabakh is Armenians land and always was their.Even if you have historical proof that Kharabakh is not Armenins they are not gonna to see the truth and change mind. To Resolve the problem need to find out the reason. Why Armenians hate Azerbaijanians so much that they could do such a brutally Khojaly genoside. First of all because they hate turks and muslims!!! And secondary Armenians do Russian politics in our region.

Arzu Geybulla said...

Dear Sevda,

I have to ask you a question. Have you tried building any kind of dialogue with Armenians? Have you worked or taken any steps in making peace possible? Judging by your very critical language, I take it you haven't and perhaps not even planning to.

Thats unfortunate because not every single Armenian is the way you describe him/her. Perhaps there are plenty of Armenians who think just the way you do. And so I would like to ask you another question. Why do you think that way? Did you make this decision yourself? Or was it part of what you were taught at your school, institute, university, what you've been hearing from your friends, teachers, and what not.

I grew up in a very Azeri family, but I was never told to hate anyone, including Armenians. You might think of me as a trator, as a liar, as the most naive and stupid person, but I am trying to at least take one very small step towards something very big. And I don't think that my small little initiatives are going to change anything now, however, I hope that in 20, 30 or perhaps even longer time, things do change, and the government propaganda thats so widely channeled through here in Azerbaijan, will change.

Karabakh is part of Azerbaijan, I don't doubt or question that. Armenians lived there. I don't doubt or challenge this either. The hatred and "0" communication between the two countries was generated over the last 20 years. Unfortunately many fail to see that we are human beings, we all are, no one is superior to another in their essence, that goes for the Armenians as well as Azerbaijanis. In essence we all are equal, what makes us stronger in reality is our mindsets, our values, things we believe in or/and want to believe in.

I want to believe in peace, and I want to be part of that. If you don't, and others don't, then its ok, but there will always be people like me, who will be trying to change somethings.

Thanks for the comment,

SEVDA said...

Dear Arzu
I appreciate your peaceful nature but maybe because of your young age you can not remember khojaly genocide. I would like to answer to your questions. I have not try to build up any dialogue with any armenians . Because I can not forget and will never FORGET ALL THOSE PICTURES OF BRUTALLY KILLED AZERBAIJANIAN BABES PREGNANT WOMEN OLDER AND...!!! How could you forget it if you saw it??? I really dont understand!!!I grew up with Armenians, I went to school were %90 were armenians SO I KNOW THIS NATION VERY WELL. THEY ARE FRIEND WITH YOU UNTIL THEY NEED YOU AND USE YOU AND AFTER THAT THEY CAN BETRAYED YOU AT THE FIRST POINT. I WOULD SAY THAT %90 OF ARMENIANS HATE US AND WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH %10. ARE %10 GOING TO CHANGE %90. Of course not. It is not really. Armenians did not change their attitude to us for over 100 years. And you believe that they will change in 20 ,30 years. Sorry but it is very naive to believe it.
Have you ever read armenians forum on the web site. You will see what they write about us and that they should have killed more babes.
It is not that easy. Khojaly genocide is not the first one. there were many which we have forgotten so easily because of our short memory and peaceful nature and forgiveness all the time. Do you know why armenians hate us so much because they have never forgotten 1905 genocide (which is even not true), Why we have to make a peace with them and forget Khojaly??
You said that Karabakh is part of Azerbaijan, I don't doubt or question that. I would like to ask you have you ever asked your armenians friends what they think about kharabakh and khojaly genocide? is it Armenians? And if they said yes how did you feel?
I just want from armenians that they will leave us alone and will be peaceful nation!!! Armenians need to learn how to live in peace without asking land from another nation and starting war!!!
to leave in peace with armenians I don't need to have armenian friend

Anonymous said...

@Arzu, do not judge Sevda, she has a point. You talk about peace and dialogue,etc. I understand, just what happens to those who experienced or went through the war itself, those who lost their close ones in Khodjali, and in the war. Frankly, I dont know how it feels to be THEM and I cant put myself in their places...for them it is hard.

@Sevda, every nation has its jackals....however, i perfectly understand you.

@Arzu, with all my respect and admiration to you as a blogger(although we dont know each other) and to your blog, I'll point out the major problem or obstacle of your blog....all your suggestions and theories concerning Armenia and Azerbaijan are based on the notion that "we people do matter in the system" both in Armenia and Azerbaijan, "we control the system"...sorry but we are not in UK, USA or even Turkey...where people have a word to say. Here, we, people, choose to be silent, as you've mentioned...:(



Omar Ruslan said...

No point to talk to armenians about making peace. The crap is they r having trouble understanding what we azeris want, either they sound dumb or it is the way they are. Arzu, there was, (still on-going) a number of negotiations toward a peace settlement, but nothing has made little progress. The key point of disagreement is not we dont want our lands back. it is just armenia screw whole world upside down. they steal our song, music, food and the list goes on and on. And plz quit operating with that onnik stuff :) do ur job urself, cuz u wana do something, i feel it, but what u do with him is just nothing excpet having fun, that is nothing else as truth i promise u....