Friday, May 29


When, on May 10th, a large group of youth activists was arrested because of carrying flowers, wearing black as well as protesting the celebration of the Flower Day (and the President's birthday), the reasoning behind the arrests was that one cannot do this- taking flowers to a university where 10 days ago 13 people were killed- on the day of the President's birthday- as if this was any good of an explanation?!

So what was the reasoning behind the arrests that took place yesterday, during the celebration of 91st anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic? Oh, wait a sec, I think I know the answer already- one cannot wear t-shirts with A.D.R. (Azerbaijan Democratic Republic) Initials on the day of the Republic's anniversary?! Because its against allowed fashion for that day?!

Whatever the reasoning (actually, now that I think about it, its too big of a word to use for our police or whoever stands behind this puppet show, but not to ruin the esthetics of this post, I will stick to the original word) I go back to my older post from May 11, titled "Things you can't do in this country" adding few more points to the list: 
- you can't wear t-shirts with the Republic's initials;
- I guess you can't express your festive feelings even while celebrating the anniversary of you country;

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scaryazeri said...

the saddest thing of all is....they don't need any reasoning. :(