Monday, June 8

40 days have gone by and still nothing

Its been 40 days, since a shooter named Farda Gadirov, entered the premises of the State Oil Academy, killing 12 people including himself. The investigation still continues, with no news as to the motive, those who were behind the attack as well as the exact number of those arrested. 

But of course there are speculations, in fact there are several- some say it was all staged by the Armenians (of course, lets blame the Armenians first), others say it was some sort of state- initiated attack. And the longer investigation lingers, the more speculations will circle around. So far, no one claimed responsibility. Farda is dead, but video tapes found in his apartment claim that he was indeed planning an attack, that he was a "lone wolf ready to kill" and that there was "no place for happiness, only hatred and the urge to kill" in his life.

I guess will just have to keep on waiting... 

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nobody said...

It is a shame and a disgrace to have such silence around that episode.