Monday, January 11

"Impressive budgets" in a country with 67$ minimum wage

Found some impressive comparative data on what Azerbaijan spent on its first European Games (and looks like the last since there are no other host candidates and I very much hope it stays this way- we really don't need another dictatorship taking such an endeavor on). But don't get too excited. We are not talking about real progress here. Although in a way it is- the government of Azerbaijan wins gold in the category of how best to rummage through budgets and reserves intended for the country's future. No wonder why we were so keen on hosting these games.

Anyhow, I have written enough about the games and so have many others who have been critical of the games, the whole concept of these games and of course, the state of life in Azerbaijan amid these games.

I found this perfect infographic (which I somehow missed originally) prepared by Sport For Rights who also have a website with valuable info and facts on the crackdown underneath all the Aliyev glitz. 

These are indeed impressive numbers especially against the deteriorating state of health care and social services in a country where minimum wage for 2015 was announced to be 105AZN which is approximately 67USD. Oh yea, we are rich and we are famous, but our people have to literally survive from month to month on these breadcrumbs.

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