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Dispatches from Azerbaijan: protests, unemployment in Aliyevland

This is the moment when I would love to have my trolls all lined up in orderly fashion (although I doubt they have the skills for that) and shove it into their faces all the crap they have been giving me about "the real life in Azerbaijan". You know, the things they said about wonderful living conditions, prosperity and all the rest of the bull shit they liked to talk about. Frankly, it wasn't just them talking about, its all of the government officials.

But since I don't have this wonderful as it may be opportunity I will just share a few updates about whats happening in my lovely home and how desperate the situation really is -unlike the crap of trolls and government officials. 

Lets start with protests in regions. 

January 12, in several regions of Azerbaijan people took the streets. They were angry naturally. Their main complaint is unemployment and price hikes. 

Aghcabedi, Siyazan, Fuzuli, the city of Liman in Lenkoran region, Ujar are the regions where people took the streets. There are reports to prevent further uprising the authorities have sent internal troops to Sheki and Guba as well.

Authorities instead of addressing people's grievances resolved the matter the way they always do- force against its own people. Internal troops were sent into these towns. They were authorized to use force and so they did- tear gas was abundant and so were rubber bullets from what the pictures said. Which in fact is actually illegal but hey when did we hear anything legal happening in Azerbaijan?! 

In the meantime, one city official said the prices have gone down not just in one region but across the whole country- but she also said she doesn't know by how much because she doesn't go shopping- weird, I guess she has some kind of telepathic powers- she sees through the walls and the kilometers of land, visualizing shops with decreased prices.

But the prices are indeed growing and they have no intention of stopping. In a tea producing nation, a kilo of tea cost 4AZN but now it has gone up to 11AZN 80cents. Sack of flour costs 28AZN- the price has gone up by 10AZN. 

Surely the people would be angry. They have been living in these conditions for a long time now, it was just a matter of time until they exploded. And unless there are "ground breaking" reforms (i love that word, ground-breaking- yes lets break the ground so the officials responsible for bringing this country into its current state all fall down through the cracks and get lost) life will continue being tough for the average people. 

Because obviously something is really wrong in a country where people are unable to afford life. 

One of the protesters tried committing suicide. Because at the age of 38, the man is unable to provide bread for his family. Yes, that glitz and glamour you see in advertisements on TV and airports abroad, isn't all.

We are in far more shit people...

Most (if not all) exchange units closed. While the Central Bank says it is the result of high activity in currency exchange. A friend shared this picture today:
AzərTürkBank bu dəqiqə
Posted by Turxan Qarishga on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

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