Thursday, January 28

Free and Open Internet in Azerbaijan?! How about limited Internet freedom instead?

These might be the last days of free and open internet in Azerbaijan. And if you think that this ain't true and simply part of a silly infatuation you are mistaken. Because something tells me if Ali Hasanov is talking about limiting internet than it might be limited for real. 

Turns out the authorities have closely been following the recent events [surprise surprise] and especially been paying even closer attention to discussions online [especially facebook, another surprise!]. 

And surely they found lots and lots of misinformation there. So much of it that they have finally decided to take the matters into their own hands and get down to the bottom of it. 

Not only have they butchered and killed traditional media where no one reports anything with an exception of news about the ruling highness and the minions, oh and I almost forgot- the successes of Azerbaijan- that now they are turning their attention to the Internet.

I guess it was bound to happen- sooner than later. I guess the time has come now. 

Now in real terms, what does this mean? 

It could mean a bunch of things- limiting access to certain websites and/or platforms. They have plenty of examples to choose from- Turkey, China. Who knows... To be honest, I am expecting the worst, so that just in case its not as terrible I still leave have room to comfort myself.

But the best part about all of this is that Hasanov accused whatever independent voices and outlets online as "gloating" like an "enemy" when something takes place in Azerbaijan. 

At least he hasn't started accusing the local people of being Armenian. Now imagine what a spectacle that would be!

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