Monday, January 25

Australian politicians join the caravan, unable to resist the "lure" of Azerbaijan caviar diplomacy

What could be better than an all-expense paid trip to Azerbaijan in return for a little praising, shoulder patting and love?! 

Nothing, not in the case of Australian politicians at least. 

Reading this piece titled "War of words over shuttle diplomacy in Azerbaijan" I was not really surprised that Australian politicians have joined the caravan of other international folks who give in to the sweet-talk of business class flights, dinners and so on in return for a few favors.   

And looks like they don't even mind it.

Well hell ya?! Who would not be impressed when they are shown only what their hosts want their guests to see which probably was nothing by luxury and prosperity as well as "tolerance, economic development, political stability".

But my favorite part of the story was this line: 
Hmm... because these countries are surely just as "tolerant"?

Ay ay ay... and all of this to support Azerbaijan's calls to liberate Nagorno Karabakh and recognize illegal occupation of its 7 adjacent territories.

But instead of having other countries do the recognition, the blaming and so on, it would be so much better if all this "effort" was put in practice by the Azerbaijan authorities to actually do something about liberating the territories. "international recognition" won't change anything unless genuine efforts are made on behalf of the government of Azerbaijan. And that is that.

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