Wednesday, December 2

Ah Mallory from Huffington Post...

What does a board-certified nurse practitioner in psychiatry and founding partner of have to do with parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan? In a normal world nothing but in a world where glitz can blind some people the connection isn't hard to find. 

Ms. Mallory Moss visited Azerbaijan and not just once mind you. In fact she wrote about her first visit to Azerbaijan here where she describes at length about her fears of visiting a muslim country, her prejudices and her pleasant surprise upon arrival to Azerbaijan that all her fears were unsubstantiated.  

Turns out, Moss's perception of Azerbaijan pleased the two sides so much that she received a visa to travel back to Azerbaijan this year to "observe" the parliamentary elections as reports

I tried really hard tracking down the "US Foreign policy news website" where the article originally was "published" but all I was able to find were websites with references to the original story, which all pointed to Trend. 

I even checked Moss's HuffingtonPost profile but couldn't find anything there either.

I hope it is just my inability to find the original article and not making up a story that was never written. 

But just in case it was indeed published on some "US Foreign policy news website", here are some of the quotes I wanted to highlight here: 
“Azerbaijan has a well-earned reputation for its progressiveness, tolerance of religious and ethnic groups and as pro-Western strategic outlook, the author wrote. “The voters were calm and genuinely interested and involved in the process. Fail safe measures were undertaken, including identification requirements, ink spray, and ballot tracking.”
“In fact, according to my sources, the government of Azerbaijan was willing to allow OSCE to observe, but wanted to simply know why the stringencies of the system would surpass any other country in the world.”
“There was transparency, both internally and externally. Gerrymandering is non-existent and the Azerbaijanis genuinely wish to have a free and fair election process,” the author wrote.
Can someone please explain to me how a nurse from US arrives in Azerbaijan to observe elections and has all of a sudden"sources" that advice and inform her on such matters as OSCE ODIHR mission decision to withdraw? 

Can also someone explain to me how an observer who doesn't speak Azerbaijani concluded that "voters were genuinely interested and involved in the process"? 

And finally can someone please explain it to me why Moss would write something as fictional as this, despite the country having over 70 political prisoners, its best people in jails, no space for any kind of freedoms? 

Perhaps Ms.Moss herself could explain this to me?  

*The original link to the foreign policy news website was found. I thank everyone who sent me the link to the original source. It is here. Bud doubts remain on how "well known" and "well respected" this news outlet really is.

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