Tuesday, November 17

The plastic/fantastic first lady takes all the votes in under two hours...

I wish this post was about the Barbie doll song. Remember? 
"I'm a barbie doll, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, its fantastic..." 
Although really its only these two sentences that are relevant to my blog post today.

She can hardly put a smile on her face (because of all the plastic surgeries she has had). She doesn't meet with the common folk much unless its an opening of some sort or some charity event (probably afraid her expensive clothes would get ruined). She is more interested in her channel bags and fashion and galas promoting the Azerbaijan that doesn't really exist (someone has to spend the money the husband steals). But she is Azerbaijan's first lady and the wife of authoritarian, ruthless president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. 

But turns out she also won with the highest number of votes in the parliament elections in Azerbaijan. But not only she was the winner she was also the fastest vote collector. According to official resources, in just two hours of the 39309 people who cast their ballots at the precinct no.14 38029 voted for their lady. 

I guess life is still fantastic despite all the fake plastic...

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