Monday, June 15

And the winner in the category of ass kissing in these European Games is...

Ali Hasanov and his wife are a match made in heaven. No no, I wont be talking about their love life - disgusting. But I will talk about their "blinded love" for their "Aliyev God". Their fanatic behavior has no boundaries.

Why? Well because it is only the lowest of the low like them (and pretty much every other official working for this government) who can republish Khadija's letter written from prison and published in the New York Times on the eve of the European Games in a "slightly" readjusted wording.

In this so called letter from prison to the editors at the NY Times Khadija writes that she has been instructed by the US and that she is part of a large scale anti-Azerbaijan campaign. That she is in jail for her crimes and etc. 

But this is not surprising at all.

You see, Aliyev's minions, have done a lot to the journalists, activists, rights defenders and advocates in this country. Readers of this blog know by now well about it. From intimidation, to beating, to threats, to slander and defamation to even blackmail with sex tapes and last but not least arrests, and murder.  

But there is always room for progress. Ali Hasanov's wife, a woman of many faces, one of which calling herself an editor-in-chief of some cheap online portal publication did her best and will now get a bright golden star from President Aliyev, or from her husband, or perhaps she wont get anything at all as this line of work is part of her duties.

As if this cheap and dirty attempt was not enough, another ass kissing platform calling itself media outlet republished that letter but this time in English. Absurd! Outrageous! But hey, is good - they always praise the government, write only about wonderful things that do not exist in Azerbaijan and claim to be a professional network. Professional ha! These people are disgrace to journalism.

Every day, I am baffled by how low some people are ready to fall. Just today I tried, no, I really tried, to have a conversation with my trolls. I wasted good two hours on them. But yet again, I proved myself that these are worthless creatures who do not give a spat about anything, having no respect for themselves or for this country.

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