Wednesday, June 10

Ah good old bashing methods

So an outlet from Azerbaijan, known as decided to bash at BBC. In their piece published today "Why Islamophobia - source of anti- Azerbaijani campaign on BBC?" the publication claims that "BBC is nothing but a propaganda machine, with groundless, cheap accusations. This propaganda mouthpiece has already gained popularity with its Islamophobic and anti-Turk policy [what is anti-Turk policy I wonder, anti-Turkey maybe?]". It also says, "Experts suggest that the BBC should have investigated the claims of British NGOs about the fact that actual expenditures of the Olympics exceeded the initial budget by three times". It also calls into questioning the spending for the Pan American Games, hosted by Canada. 

AzerNews forgets to mention who are the so-called "experts" are who suggest that BBC should investigate claims of British NGOs. 

AzerNews also forgets to mention the GDP of the UK or Canada. 

But the most important thing AzerNews seems to forget to mention is Azerbaijan's ranking on the Global Corruption Index where Azerbaijan is placed 126 among 175 while UK ranks 14 and Canada 10. 

It is a bit funny and ironic when a pro-govt. media outlet bashes an international media outlet and thinks its going to cause a bang. 

This incident brings to mind President Erdogan's claims against foreign outlets like the New York Times, the Guardian and others. Authoritarian leaders use some of the same bashing language and this is clearly visible. But that is normal since they are not used to it at home where independent voices are increasingly silenced. But its even more ironic, because Azerbaijan and Turkey often mention and pride themselves in their symbolic "brotherhood" connection. Well looks like the two brothers might be more alike than they know. 

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