Monday, February 23

Aliyev's wonderland and surprises

It is hard to keep track of all the crackdowns in Azerbaijan these days. Its happening all at the same time. And in the meantime, our economy is also on its way to share the faith of Russians. But that wold be the topic for another blog post. 

Just like today for instance as one of the country's prominent investigative reporters, Khadija Ismayil was brought into yet another sham trial held behind the closed doors away from everyone's ears and eyes, Arif Yunus - the husband of rights activist and also jailed Leyla Yunus - sentence was extended by another five months. By that point (August 5, 2015 to be precise) he will be in pretrial detention (and not just any but the worst of the worst - the Ministry of Interior where torture and ill-treatment are notorious) a year to be exact. Who knows whether his pretrial detention will get another extension. By that time European Games would be over, and Aliyev will need yet another new toy, so he will decide whether Yunus might continue getting in his way of playing. 

And coming back to the case of Khadija Ismayil - guess what?! Of course she was not released. After all she is now facing additional charges (surprisingly all the same ones as a dozen or more of other political prisoners are facing at the moment) so in order to get to that part, this case had to close. And close it did, with a fine - 2500Manats for slander. 

Hmm... It is questionable who slandered whom but in Azerbaijan its irrelevant really especially when its judicial system works ALWAYS to the benefit of the accuser, especially if that accuser is full of **** and has not a grain of humanness left in him. So this filth claimed Khadija insulted his dignity (which he doesn't have but hey lets consider for a second that he does).

There is another filth too - but that one, claims Khadija forced him to commit a suicide. Surprisingly (there are awful lot of surprises in Azerbaijan right?!) he was able to survive and thanks to him, Khadija was jailed (based on charges of inciting to suicide). 

And all of this happening around the time when EU Special Representative for Human Rights is in town. I bet there is another surprise coming our way - his visit wont change anything! 

***Correction to the original post where I mentioned Turkoglu (the part about slander) with the part about suicider. But it doesn't make much difference since both are filth and have no dignity as one of them claims to have. 


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