Saturday, January 17

New addition to Heydarov's empire of businesses?!

Its never enough for the rich of Azerbaijan! Businesses, construction bids, companies with interests in everything, lobby companies (of course!) and much more. 
Whatever it is that would make the rich of Azerbaijan richer, famous, and make them look good, they'd go after it. 

Soccer too fits perfectly into this combination of money, fame and fortune of Azerbaijani officials. As many of you know, Azerbaijan took over the sponsorship of Atletico Madrid for a season and a half (January 2013). "Azerbaijan, the land of fire" was plastered over their uniforms and the club also visited Azerbaijan.  This caprice cost Azebraijani government just 12millionEUR. You know, pocket money for some in this government. The deal was surely renewed to run for another season in 2014- 2015 (the deal ends by June 2015 surely costing Azerbaijan more than 12millionEUR by this point).

Well there is one person in particular who thinks its time to go beyond just some sponsorship. Cuz' surely thats aint enough. Why not invest in a club?! And thats where Aston Villa comes in. Turns out none of the Sheikhs were interested. But someone similar to a Sheikh is interested. And that Sheikh is from Azerbaijn. His name is Kemaleddin Heydarov. One of the many businesses of Heydarov's empire is a company called Gilan Holding (in case you are interested to see some of the "few" companies listed under Gilan Holding check out this link). Heydarov himself, is the head of the Ministry of Emergencies in Azerbaijan. 

So anyway, this article explores the rumors behind Azerbaijan's Gilan Holding going after Aston Villa team. Christmas is over, but looks likes Heydarov's generous heart and wallet are in for some present.

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Louis-Dieudonne said...

Aston Villa is very popular football club, from the second most populated city in England. I meant, this could be the good place for bussines. Im not sure if Azerbaijan needs, this kind of promotion. But English Premier League, is the best place to promote your international image. I can also mention that, Aston Villa's financial problems is not the secret. I believe, that if this kind of investment will connect Azeri football, with English football coulture, and open some opportunities to our youngsters in England, this would be a great boost for azeri sport.