Friday, December 5

And then there was no one left...

One by one the government is coming after its outspoken critics. One by one...

Today, Azerbaijan's Sabail District Court sentenced, the country's prominent investigative journalist and brave critic of the government Khadija Ismayil. 

If convicted, Khadija is facing anything between three to seven years. She is charged with Article 125 of the Criminal Code (incitement to suicide commitment). 

Yesterday, in some kind of a tribute to Russia, country's god father, Ramiz Mehdiyev accused Khadija of treason, calling her and people like her spies working for the west. 

Many voices have been silenced in Azerbaijan. 

There are over 90 political prisoners. 

The government is gradually ticking off the list of people it doesn't like either through intimidation, smear, humiliation, and arrest. 

There are not that many people left. 

If this is the pace of things, then soon there wont be anyone left. And this is what the Azerbaijani government is trying to do. To silence, to destroy and get rid of any such voices. 

So far, they are winning...

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