Tuesday, November 25

We are slipping into an oblivion, perhaps we are already there

Some of you are familiar with the case of Leyla and Arif Yunus. 

These people have done nothing wrong apart from supporting those in time of need. Leyla Yunus, notorious for her work especially during the demolition of houses in the booming capital of Baku, is in jail in case you didn't know. And yes, she is in jail for helping people, for speaking about issues very few would dare to speak, for standing up for her beliefs.

But she was arrested as many other activists, defenders, and political activists in Azerbaijan on falsified charges. To the government of Azerbaijan she is a traitor. To those she has touched with her work she is a friend, a helping hand and a brave defender. 

I was reading a letter of appeal her daughter, Dinara Yunus wrote to her mother's supporters. It was heart wrenching. Every wort was painful to read. I too have a mother. Who is also sick. But at least I can take care of her. I can see her. My mother is free and safe from torture. And I could not hold back my tears as I read the words Dinara wrote to her mother and to the supporters everywhere. Because Dinara is afraid that tomorrow it might be too late. Tomorrow, her mother might not be alive.

The treatment of Leyla Yunus is inhumane. The treatment of all the political prisoners and the refusal of the authorities to really address their health, their conditions in prison is inhumane. And the silence of officials, parliament members, Council of Europe and their inability to do something about this is torturing. 

This is a human life. I know that in Azerbaijan, the government officials stopped being human a long time ago. Or at least they set clear preferences as to who gets to be treated and described like a human and who gets to be treated and described as an animal. And let me tell you, Azerbaijani authorities and its avid supporters live in denial, they are sure its a country of equality and liberty. This denial however is taking all of us gradually towards an oblivion. Because we are no country of equality and liberty. Azerbaijan is a country of entrenched fear, where money lords with fattened bellies do as they please living in the sea of corruption, bribery and lies while continue hiding behind belts of happiness. 

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