Tuesday, October 8

We are voting, but are we really?

October 9th, is the day when some five million Azerbaijanis are going to cast their votes and choose their next president. But are they really? The country haven't seen a democratic election for two decades- do its people even know or remember what its like and what it feels like to know your vote counts? To know that your vote is making a difference? 

I remember past voting- even when I studied abroad, I made sure I was there, I wanted my vote to make a difference (even if it never did). On October 9th, perhaps is one of those "days" when I want to believe that my being there is going to change something (even if in reality, it wont). 

Everyone knows that the elections are going to be falsified. Nobody is even hiding this. And this what is really sad about the faith of these elections and the faith of previous elections as well (not to mention the faith of this country and its fellow citizens who deserve so much more than what they are given- if they are given anything that is). After all the president did assure everyone that the elections will be falsified ehm, excuse me, held in free and fair atmosphere.

But even if I as many others go into these elections already knowing the results its the hope that really counts. I am going to vote, even if these are not the elections where my vote is going to make a difference. Not yet...

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