Tuesday, September 10

"My President" propaganda

This morning as I was browsing articles I came across this one [RU]. Basically a youth initiative called "My President" was created in 2013 [seeing some familiar faces from IRELI]. Its Facebook page has close to 54,000 likes. Its website provides information about the initiative. You can also follow them on Twitter with @MPrezidentim. Not surprisingly its not about any possible or future President but precisely about Ilham Aliyev.

This is what it states on the top of their webpage:

Rough translation:
I am certain- My President is the protector of independence of this country
I think- My President compels us to think of our homeland
I believe- My President will free our lands
I know- My President thinks of every single citizen
I am sure- My President is the provider of healthy and successful future
I consider- My President young in spirit is always by young peoples' side
I am proud- My President is Ilham Aliyev

There is a video clip too with some 1000 young people involved to a song that is called surprise surprise "My President". Its not out yet but there is a behind the scenes clip available. 

In a country where there is little or close to no pre-election atmosphere (unless posters calling people to vote counts) this is perhaps the only thing that caught my attention. Surprisingly (or ironically) even this campaign is done in support of the President. Now imagine if this song was called "our candidates" instead of "My President" or "vote for your candidate"- now that would have added some spice to it all. Was this done in Turkey (especially in the light of recent events), I think already there would have been satirical responses.

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