Monday, February 11

I thought barbarism was long gone but wait, I was deeply mistaken

In Azerbaijan, the leader of the party calling itself Modern Equality (Muasir Musavat) Hafiz Haciyev, announced yesterday, on February 10th, that his party would pay a generous sum of AZN10,000 to anyone who cut the ears of the writer Akram Ayasli. 

I wrote about Aylasli previously and while his books were burned, he was stripped of his honorary status of a writer and his pension was taken away from him, this man, is now the subject of further insanity. 


Bob said...

If you had followed the developments in Azerbaijan in the last 20 years, you'd not be surprised at all. The act of killing innocent people with an axe while they are asleep causes national furor fueled by goebblesian propaganda machine funded by oil money - just one more example.

Eldar said...

oh, thank you, how enlightening! The author of this blog is writing on Azerbaijan for many years and is one of the most outspoken and articulated critics of many aspects of Azerbaijan´s political culture. She does not need your patronising reminders. If you are really concerned about incidents of barbarianism in Azerbaijan, you should support brave Azerbaijanis, like Arzu, who write about it, not taint them with your "reminders".