Tuesday, May 29

Caviar and diplomacy

Who doesn't like caviar? I am sure there are plenty of people who don't and find it gross but this wont be about tastes and food. Well... I guess in a way it will be. As many of you know some of the best caviar in the world today comes from beluga sturgeon. Considered a luxury even back in the day with tsars and shahs treating their visitors with only the best of delicacies, caviar also came to represent a luxury. Azerbaijan and the Caspian basin was and is the source of this centuries old luxury. And as you would know by now, Azerbaijan and the concept of luxury are very much inter- connected. Azerbaijani authorities especially love everything thats lavish, expensive and glitzy. 

And so the title of this post, takes it after a recently published report by European Stability Initiative titled "Caviar Diplomacy- How Azerbaijani Silenced the Council of Europe" that explores the boundaries of caviar diplomacy, deals, and much more between corrupted Azerbaijani officials and no less corrupted European officials who indulge themselves in lavish presents. 

But I am going to stop here and let you read the report yourselves. Enjoy!

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