Tuesday, May 1

Ah the Eurovision!

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The Eurovision is fast approaching. The country hosting the competition this year- Azerbaijan- is also fast approaching. You know what? The mere ridiculousness of its current spending allocated to the contest. And we are not talking of few thousand of dollars here. In fact, this country is fast approaching the title of  being one of the few (if not the only since no one would invest so much in a silly song contest) countries in the whole history of the song contest. 

Why? To show- off would be the likely answer (and also because there is no logical one really!). The irony is that while it invests millions (USD75.7 to be precise) in a glitz event of the year, the government continues to keep a tight lid on its other spending like education, health care or social care. But I wont be writing about that this time. Instead, I am going to write about a very "generous contribution"that was allocated to the veterans of the WWII just yesterday. Get ready for the numbers ladies and gents because while we waste millions we cannot afford going over 500AZN [RUS] for the people who really are the heroes (ehm... no offense to Ell and Nikki who are too considered "heroes" by many in Azerbaijan) of this country (the money allocated takes into account families and widows of the veterans). The total amount allocated makes around AZN7.5million. 

I just don't understand why waste so much money on something thats going to last for few days when you can built a better future and provide sufficient support to those who are in need and on constant basis rather than one- time only installments as a sign of noble charity? 

What a silly question though, because no one cares about sustainable development. We should spend more now on useless things like Eurovision so that tomorrow, when we have nothing left, we can take apart the Crystal Hall (Eurovision concert hall) and use it for barter when everyone starts running scared (minus the mountains, the sea, and most importantly the dog) from Azerbaijan...

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