Tuesday, March 20

"Baku- city of future"

Inspired by movies like Minority Report, Star Wars and if not more, this new ad about Baku is yet another insane investment project aimed at changing old Baku or at least what is left of it completely. Indeed a country once known as land of fires, will only remain in old photographs and documentaries just like in this video ad. I wonder, will the new technologies in City Administration make it work better or yet in fact, actually do work? Will computerized education make teachers stop taking bribes? 

When will we finally understand that it is not the technology or high rise glass buildings or fancy roller coaster rides that make one country the future. The change must come within, no matter how many buildings you construct or introduce online learning, the rotten system will remain rotten. 

If we are talking about a real change, then why not make a video about Azerbaijani regions having gas and electricity and sewage systems? Why not show better schools where students will actually have heating and proper bathrooms? Why not show corrupted leaders pay for everything they have stolen? Why not show a real city of the future? 

You be the judge... Is this the city of future you want? 

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