Saturday, December 24

Let them eat cake returns (a meter longer)

President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev turned 50 years old. He has been in power since 2003 and claims to have a democratic, free, economically developed country. To congratulate him on his outstanding contributions to Azerbaijan and its people in the last eight years, the city of Sumgayit (allegedly a group of local businessmen) decided to prepare a birthday cake. But this was no ordinary cake. And it wasn't the businessmen in their fancy suits who did it either. Supposedly this is the biggest cake by size even in Europe (if not the whole world) said the Sumgayit city official with much pride on his face. 

Last year, it was the city of Ganja that built the biggest cake to celebrate President's 49th birthday. Looks like this is becoming a tradition. I am wondering which city is going to proudly announce its biggest birthday cake next year.

According to local news, the cake is 50meters long. Last year it was 49 (you can read about it here). You can watch the video [AZ] below. The man talking at the very beginning of the video is the head of the city executive administration. My favorite part is when the cameraman shows random kids asking them what the cake is for- some don't have a clue, others think its for celebrating Heydar Aliyev's birthday. Given how quickly people were taking the cake apart, it was good.

I only wish that the democracy the President Aliyev so often talks about, comes to Azerbaijan sooner than later. Perhaps this is what the President secretly wished for as well when blowing the candles on his birthday cake?!

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