Tuesday, December 27

From human rights to diaspora- whatever works to hide the truth

In a recent statement made by Novruz Mammadov, Ilham Aliyev's chief foreign policy advisor, human rights were once again dismissed and replaced by the usual cry- baby- cry statements of US supporting Armenia and only Armenia as well as going as far as mocking speech writers of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as illiterate and in denial. 

December 10th is celebrated as the International Human Rights Day, following the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. On this occasion the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton issued an appeal in which Azerbaijan was listed as a country in need for far more improvement within the human rights framework. This sparked (nor surprisingly) much negative reaction. So much, that Azerbaijan's Chief Foreign Policy advisor Novruz Mammadov (i wonder who is in need of temper management here) reacted... well... quite negatively. 

In his remarks, Novruz Mammadov tried changing the actual point of the mock to something completely unrelated- once again the usual saga that everyone is picking on us when they shouldn't because we are a very stable, democratic, free and independent country unlike Armenia (because everything only evolves around Armenia and Azerbaijan). 

Mammadov, accused US of not even ratifying the declaration themselves, as an official document (as if respect for human rights solely depends on a signature or adoption of any kind of document). He cited Occupy Movement as an example (which if he followed news closely have created a lot of public domestic debate in the US within the fair/unfair treatment debate). 

In a counter statement in support of the speech made by the Secretary of State, Azerbaijani- Americans for Democracy (AZAD) "issued a press release" whereby expressing their gratitude and urging US continue pressing Azerbaijan for its poor record on human rights (not to mention freedom of expression, religion and more). Here is a brief statement from their press release:
Unfortunately, these officials did not provide any explanation for their government's blatant disrespect towards the basic rights and freedoms of Azerbaijani citizens enshrined in the country's constitution and Azerbaijan's international obligations. Instead, they once again repeated the old propaganda [...] shamefully hiding behind Azerbaijan's refugees and the occupied territories as if that tragedy in any way can justify the oppression the Aliyev regime inflicts on the Azerbaijani people.
There are many things that are not stable, not democratic and not free in Azerbaijan. Human rights are only one of these. And indeed, we have a long way to go to change this. There is no need to hide behind the facades of energy resources or consequences of war because hiding won't solve the problem but only make it bigger and durable. The longer Azerbaijani government continues to ignore the realities of present day Azerbaijan, the longer Azerbaijan will be criticized by other institutions and countries on its poor record for many indicators (after all, one cannot buy every single official in every single country or institution). It is too late to hide the truth, but its not too late to face up and do something about it. I am just wondering when this glorious day will finally come to Azerbaijan...

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Saint Facetious said...

The point is to hide, the government officials don't want to solve the problem - since they are it!