Thursday, September 15

Azerbaijan media sustainability index 2011

Designed and prepared by IREX this sustainability report is one of many that are prepared and released around the world. 

This particular one refers to Azerbaijan and was released in 2011. 

Media Sustainability Index 2011


Ł. said...

The report is one thing, however, whether it is reliable and trustworthy is another. I have read through some of it. What is Your opinion of it, as an Azeri? Is it accurate, is it fair?

Best from Gdańsk!

arzu geybulla said...


I believe it is accurate. It describes the situation on the ground very well. I guess if it didn't i would not have put here : )

Thank you for your comment,

Ł. said...

Well, I guess You're right - You wouldn't have linked it if You wouldn't be wanting to endorse it in some way. Thanks!