Sunday, June 26

"The right way of life..."

I just read an article published in New York Times "A dissident is free from jail, but his punishment is not over" about Emin Milli and his struggle as a young, educated and talented man from Azerbaijan.

I look at Emin's life and especially the last few years as a struggle because what Emin and Adnan both has been through is a struggle. And its not a struggle that is over. They still have to deal with it and will have to deal with it because the circumstances. But they are not alone. And I think in such kind of struggle having the supporting network is extremely important not to give up, not to feel ousted, and most importantly not to lose hope.

But there was also something else in the article, that "moved" me. The quote by Ali Hasanov, that was too much (as most of the things he says) this time as well.
Ali M.Hasanov, a top official in the presidential administration, said President Aliyev had allowed the two to be released early because their parents asked for mercy... And the president granted this request out of humane considerations.
Its incredible that someone as inhumane as Mr. Hasanov, would use "humane" in his comments. That man is known for his brutality just like any other senior government official. But of course, I shall be mocked for these words because thats what "humane" people like Mr. Hasanov do. I hate to break it to you but it is obvious that the definition of humane or right way to life have different meanings in a dictatorial dictionary of Azerbaijani officials and international understanding and definition. 

An Azerbaijani humane officials or their puppets (including judges, police officers and others) imprison people who fail to meet their standards of humanity. As long as you remain a clown, acting it out in front of them, praising them and always supporting them you stay out of prison, arrests, detentions, humiliations and much more. 

The question that remains unanswered is how long this oppression, this approach to silence and attempts to break people up will continue...

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