Friday, June 10

Azerbaijan's own dictatorial rule

I was reading this article today on New York Times by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith, and thought I share some quotes that fit Azerbaijani leadership so perfectly. 

The article starts with the following introduction:
Despotic rulers stay in power by rewarding a small group of loyal supporters, often composed of key military officers, senior civil servants, and family members or clansmen
However the author of this piece argues that even this small group of supporters only does so because of the rewards expected for al their work done while suppressing opposition, silencing anyone who would go against the regime and therefore maintain their own version of stability and tranquility.  
As long as their cronies are assured of reliable access to lavish benefits, protest will be severely suppressed. 
Of course, some of the success stories of toppling a dictator portrayed in this article, do not fit Azerbaijan's scenario, nevertheless, there are some interesting facts worth noting and who knows, perhaps keeping in mind for future references... 

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