Tuesday, May 3

Freedom on the net 2011

After having celebrated the World Press Freedom Day yesterday, the report published by the Freedom House 'Freedom of the Net' came in handy especially as the report sheds light on some of the countries and issues discussed during the World Press Freedom Day. 

The description of the newly published report on the Freedom House website reads:
[...]This report examines internet freedom in 37 countries around the globe. The study's findings indicate that the threats to internet freedom are growing and have become more diverse. Cyber attacks, politically- motivated censorship, and the government control over internet infrastructure have emerged as especially prominent threats. 
Some of the countries as ranked "Not Free" include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, China and Burma. It came as a relief to see Azerbaijan rank among the countries listed as "Partly Free" however it was only a partial relief knowing how pressing media and internet freedom is in Azerbaijan. You can see the full list of score table here and the cluster map here.   

Below you can see the Azerbaijan evaluation of the report, while the full report can be accessed here


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