Friday, May 20

'Egypt: how we did it, when media would not'

We all knew what was happening there. Some of us were following the story in the news, some on social networks, others were covering the news on the spot. The #jan25 was born there. And what was a building struggle for years became a number one priority for 18 days on the agenda of the international media. Yes, it was the Egyptian Revolution.

In March, exactly one month after the revolution, Al Giordano and Greg Berger went to Egypt in search of what to become a series of videos/ stories featuring some of the key people behind the #jan25- a manual on how civil resistance was built to win. Why? Well, simply because they wanted to know how it was done but more importantly they wanted to show the world how it was done, what was it like and in what circumstances it was happening.

Today, Narco News TV proudly presents its first video in the series of a documentary on Egyptian Revolution.

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