Sunday, April 17

Protect and safeguard or beat and shout?

On the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan it reads:
Police is the brave organ standing on guard of state and people of Azerbaijan with great fighting spirit (Heydar Aliyev)
The fighting spirit is no doubt questionable. Azerbaijani police is always high spirited when it comes to beating up people, arresting them, falsifying charges, shouting, taking bribes and what not... Its bravery is too visible everywhere. Its when it comes to "standing on guard of people of Azerbaijan" that doubts start popping up here and there. Or maybe there are some new standards that we don't know yet? Like arresting a child and her mother as they cross the street and yell "Istefa" (resignation) and "Azadliq" (freedom).

The video below is from today protests (17 April 2011) and shows pretty much how a mother and her child got arrested.

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