Tuesday, March 29

Take a break

As I was browsing this morning Technorati, I came across an article about this one person who has realized that the divide between his real life and digital life got so blurred, that it was time to change that. The author of this article, went out for a walk but thats not the only thing he did. There was another suggestion too, especially for those who probably feel they must be glued to the screens of their computers and laptops 24/7- www.donothingfor2minutes.com :)

I checked it out and it is indeed relaxing (in fact, I have it still open and I can hear the breeze and the sound of the ocean), so if you ever feel like taking a break, but can't afford a stroll or a quick nap or something else that would involve getting away from your computers, you should definitely try this website out. I found it relaxing (but I promise, that I don't spend all of my time in front of my computer :) 

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