Monday, January 31

Egypt or how people interpret Twitter

Sometimes I feel like even Twitter users need to learn what is Twitter for and why or how people use it. You see, as we all know, major revolution was taking place in Egypt over the last week and many people around the world were supporting the cause and were spreading the word with Twitter's help. And it was an incredible source of information for me first hand. 

Other Twitter users (and yes, i am generalizing this time as I am sure there are many of these kind everywhere) think of you as some kind of an agent. 

I received this tweet on January 29th, from a user I don't know saying:
Translation: @arzugeybulla who do you work for spreading all this information about Egypt? (the Tweet is in Azerbaijani)

Strangely, it is not the first time I am asked this question. I just don't understand why is it when I, or anyone else is spreading any kind of information, should be put in box called "affiliation" and be asked this question? Of course, I don't know what this man had on the back of his mind when he was writing this tweet. Maybe it just came out, out of curiosity, or maybe he was truly interested? Either way, I think its the question itself that's bizarre. 

I told the guy that I am simply spreading the information, trying to get the word out there about what's going on in Egypt and that has nothing to do with me working for someone. But I doubt that a person who asked this kind of question in the first place will hardly understand my answer. But will see. If there is anything interesting that comes out of this conversation, surely I will keep you posted on the way it goes. 

Anyway, just wanted to share, who knows, maybe someone had similar experience? 

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