Tuesday, December 7

"Life is beautiful"

There are things in life we take for granted. Friendships, family, work, values, notions like freedom, justice, fairness. We talk, write and read about these values but do we really understand them? Do we really know what freedom means? Do we really know what a democracy is?

There are moments when we simply forget or neglect, sometimes even purposely ignore. We get sucked into daily routines, at times not even realizing that our lives have turned into monotone daily chores, classes, jobs, words, expressions, habits...

And when the reality hits, it hits hard... It is only at times when you lose something you value the most, or care the most or love the most, do you understand the bigger picture.

When my parents divorced ten years ago, that was a reality check for me. When I had to deal with their divorce on my own, that was another reality check for me. When I made some wrong decisions and regretted making them later, that was yet another reality check. When Emin and Adnan were sentenced, it was once again a reality check. 

I guess what I am trying to say here is that "life is beautiful" as long as most valuable moments are with us to make it beautiful. My life is beautiful now because my friends Emin and Adnan are finally free and I can spend time with them. My parents, after ten years apart, are not really talking to each other, but I have learned to live and deal with it. My mistakes taught me to move on and leave all of them behind taking only the lessons learned with me. 

Life is beautiful when we know how to make it beautiful and how to cherish that beauty... 

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