Saturday, November 6

Where freedom to express oneself is possible- Azeri donkey goes international

by Atakhan Abilov

The Hague, its November 6th, and a group of Azerbaijani diaspora puts on what I would call genuinely innovative protest in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy. Each protestor was wearing a donkey head and a tag representing some of the key senior government officials. Each name was associated with something each of those key officials is responsible for- elections, freedom of expression, corruption, economy and etc. 

The photos of the protest appeared first on Facebook (though I picked up on the news on Twitter). And here is a video prepared by one of the Dutch channels (the video is in Dutch). 

The AzeriReport website released a story on the event:
The protestors demanded freedom for the jailed Azeri bloggers Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli, who are widely believed to have been arrested for the "donkey video" which mocked the corrupt Azerbaijani government. The protestors wore donkey suits [...] and protest against the corrupt authoritarian rule of Ilham Aliyev regime in Azerbaijan.
Whether the protest is going to have any effect on jailed bloggers and the regime overall is questionable if not highly unlikely. However, the idea is worth a million and needs recognition. 

Tomorrow Azerbaijan is going to the polls to elect their new parliament. Perhaps new and independent parliamentary body would be a good start to a corruption free regime? Who knows?! If only and only this could ever be possible...

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