Saturday, November 20

photo take from Azadliq radio's site
Emin Milli: "I assume I was arrested just for telling the truth, for free thinking, for free expression, and this video was part of it. but I don't think it was the only reason for our arrest".

Released on probation, Emin Milli, says he missed his friends, his wife, and his mother the most. 
I also missed freedom- not spiritual freedom, because I had this even in jail. I missed freedom of movement, freedom of using the Internet. I think Internet deprivation is a new form of torture for people of our generation.  
And while commenting overall on his arrest, Emin says it came earlier than he was expecting it.  

And Adnan... Well, his release was special as much as Emin's. With OSCE representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic expressing her relief for Adnan's release, now it leaves high hopes for Eynulla Fatullayev- "Azerbaijan's gutsiest journalist [who was charged with] libel, tax evasion, instigation of terrorism and inciting ethnic hatred". While these charges were dropped earlier, he is still in prison for "drug possession", which leaves him with another two years something term ("courtesy" of Azerbaijani authorities of course).   

A note to remember, neither Adnan nor Emin were fully released of their charges. Their remaining time will be served as a suspended term or period of parole, which means '0' problems with the law- enforcement agencies.

And their release comes right after contested parliamentary elections held in Azerbaijan on November 7th. Was it an act of grace by the Azerbaijani authorities no one knows but one thing is certain, Emin and Adnan are free and we can see them, and talk to them, and enjoy our time spent together. Congratulations to everyone! Lets hope we hear more good news on Eynulla Fatullayev's case too...

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