Wednesday, August 18

"Oil, Afghanistan and Progress"

When Barack Obama declared Azerbaijan as one of the world’s worst violators of freedom of press in April 2009, the already fragile relationship between the two countries became even tenser. In 1992, in the early days of Azerbaijan's independence, the tensions started as a result of the Armenian-Azerbaijani war over Nagorno-Karabakh, where Armenian forces came to control about 20 percent of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territories. In the summer of that year, the US Congress passed Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act, which stipulated that the US government could not directly aid Azerbaijan's government, despite US support of neighbouring Georgia and Armenia. The decision raised doubts in Azerbaijan of US impartial involvement as a peace broker in the region and member of the OSCE Minsk Group. Also, some in Azerbaijan saw for the first time that it cannot trust the USA because of the strong Armenian lobby.

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Anonymous said...


Remember,few months ago when there was a case with Norwegian guy..i"ve commented that why would Norway support us ,if they think we are so "democratic"...double standards again...:((( sonra da gelib demokratiyadan danishirlar...adami o yandirir da.:)



Teymur said...

kudos on a very precise and lively review of Azerbaijan-US ties

PS pls note that there's a typo - Washington Nucl. Security summit happened in 2010. and I believe chronologically the whole non-invitation ballyhoo was after the WP article

arzu geybulla said...

Thank you Teymur. And yes there was a typo. E-mailed publishers to change it already. And actually article was published in March and Summit was in APril.
Thanks again,