Friday, August 13

"Down with YAPartheid"

I wish I could have come up with this slogan, but its not mine. The author of these words is a journalist who is still in prison despite numerous international calls to release him. His name is Eynulla Fatullayev. And these words are part of campaign he started in prison.

According to his lawyer Elchin Sadigov, the imprisoned journalist decided to "engage in an active election campaign". 

The campaign came at a time when pro- government Azerbaijan media has been actively involved in attacking Eynulla whilst his stay in prison. 

The other election campaign slogan is "For your and my freedom"- the motto of Monitor magazine, an independent magazine that was critical of the regime and whose editor in chief was shot dead by his apartment in 2005. 

***YAP is the name of the ruling party: Yeni Azerbaycan Partiyasi (New Azerbaijan Party)


Anonymous said...

I think you mean he was 'shot dead'. You can also say he was assasinated

arzu geybulla said...

thank you Anonymous for pointing out the mistake. I appreciate it.