Tuesday, July 6

Elections in Azerbaijan or another reason for Azerbaijani authorities to beat, humiliate and intimidate its people

Whenever Azerbaijani authorities are building or expanding new roads, new fancy residential apartments, and other money related projects (as long as its the "government" side thats profiting), all decisions are made quickly with little or no hesitation. Suddenly, there is no extra paper work to fill out, no permissions to get, everything goes smoothly and always on time.

But when it comes to allocating areas for rallies during election campaign time, it takes ages for any decision to come out. And so what happens as a result candidates go on to rallies with no permissions with a scene already familiar to the most of us- beaten and angry protestors, a bit of blood, and yet again, another unsuccessful rally. 

Not much to say but when government representatives say that changes to the election code are only to the advantage of Azerbaijan's democratic development, one cannot stop but wonder, what kind of positive democratic election environment they are talking about and what positive developments there are taking place in the country when nothing is actually changing...

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