Tuesday, April 20

Moral responsibility

As I was browsing through news this morning, I came across one news piece about an event "Broken Pillars: Democracy in US- Azerbaijan Relations" held at John Hopkins University in DC just few days ago. My eyes caught a sentence in the article that really touched me.

At this event, among several other key note speakers, professor from Richmond University, Dr. Uliana Gabar gave a speech. She talked about Adnan and the arrest and how it was perceived at the university. It was her speech that touched me, she talked about an overwhelming sense of moral responsibility the university felt in the aftermath of arrests.

Moral responsibility towards a student, who was once a student at this university. You would never hear these words from a university professor living in Baku. Forget about responsibility, there is no morality whatsoever at our universities. Terrorizing its students is what universities here call responsibility.

16 professors from Richmond appealed to the Azerbaijani government calling for a release of both Adnan and Emin.

16 professors- show me one university in Azerbaijan that would have at least 3 professors standing side by side, protecting rights of their students, let alone calling on the government for granting anything...

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Anonymous said...

or the university where students ..." put a pressure on the university to stand up for its alumni".