Saturday, April 24

How quickly things change

I remember last summer, when Emin and Adnan were arrested. I remember sitting behind my computer and following all the updates posted on Facebook. I remember following tweets from court hearings. I remember tears in front of the court in November when Emin and Adnan received their unfair punishment.

I remember what we were talking about then- how could this happen? Why did it happen? This is not fair! They are innocent!

We talked about the hearings, the investigation, we got the whole world on their case. We never believed that months later we are going to be still talking about Emin and Adnan, without them being with us, sitting at the same table, laughing together or solving the problems of our country.

And what are we talking about today?

We talk of the prison facilities Emin and Adnan were sent to. We talk about the conditions there, how far or close to the city they are. We went from being optimistic during the summer, and from hoping that this was all a nightmare and any moment now we are going to wake up, take a deep breath and thank God for all of this not being true to waiting every day for news about their release. The nightmare we were all so afraid of turned into a reality.

How quickly things changed...

And soon we are to have another summer. I hope this summer will be different, I hope our friends are set free and this nightmare ends. And in a years time, when I think of this years' summer I will be remembering only the positive and the good. I will be remembering Emin and Adnan together with us, with no metal bars, courts and hearings separating us from each other.

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