Sunday, April 11

Google analytics

Right, after days of talking about new social media (check #sicampc and #talktbilisi on Twitter) and cool Web 2.0 gadgets I thought to write a small post about google analytics.

As many of you already know, its a great resource for tracking everything and anything regarding your personal blog. However, as I was installing google analytics for my blog, I came across one small problem, and that was copy pasting tracking code into HTML setting of my blog. Most of the guides I looked through, said scroll down to the bottom of your HTML set up window and paste tracking code just before the closing tag. Now, thats when it gets tricky, or at least it got with me.

Normally the last two tags on your HTML set up window are body (in brackets like this <>), followed by html (also in brackets like this <>) items. Prior to body and html items there are also two div items (also in brackets like this <>). So, what you need to do is to copy paste tracking code not before body but in between the last two div items for the tracking start working.

I know, this might sound complicated, but here is a link to a website that describes it the best:

Hope its useful.

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Jakub said...

Easiest way to do it, is to add a new HTML/JavaScript box in Layout section in setting and simpky copy and paste the code.