Wednesday, April 21

And where do you spend your money?

On April 3rd, member of YAP (Yeni Azerbaijan/New Azerbaijan Party) Political Committee and also a parliament member Aydin Mirzazade was quoted in a local newspaper "Bizim Yol" saying the following: "US companies have transferred more than 36 million tons of oil and have made billions of dollars. However, this money was spent on Armenia and Armenians living in Nagorno Karabakh. I believe, Azerbaijan should re- evaluate share of American companies working in Azerbaijan, and end its partnerships with them".

Interesting, while Azerbaijani authorities are picking on American companies and the US foreign policy, questioning the money they are spending, I wonder how our government spends the money from its oil revenues?

Is it spent on renovating old buildings and taking some of them apart once they have been renovated; on road renovations that are broken in just few months and so there is always need for more road renovations; on new schools in regions with no heating, sewage, and proper electricity; on non- existing infrastructure development; on Channel bags and Gucci sun glasses and other fancy boutique shops where none of your average Azerbaijani can shop (well, apart from window shopping that is); on salary and pension raise (by 10 cents); on fighting corruption on paper rather than in action; on cops who continue taking bribes and many other things?

Or perhaps you are spending it on democracy strengthening projects, on raising strong and educated young individuals, on making this country a better place?

Or busy getting into a "fight" with US blaming it for taking sides in NK conflict, while for years not being able to resolve the conflict by yourself and building aggressive rhetoric in the country? Or raising human robots who are ready to kill/ beat/ and humiliate on your command?

Don't know, but whatever it is you are spending your billions and billions of dollars doesn't seem to be penetrating into the society apart from nice looking streets and pretty looking downtown. The reality is still here- people are suffering, afraid and disabled from living at least the quarter of the life that an average American lives in America.

Perhaps, it is time to stop playing word games and face the reality of today Azerbaijan and do something about it?!

This is where the money is spent according to State Oil Fund (from one of my blog readers):


Michael said...

here's where a lot of the money is going.

"Pricey real estate deals in Dubai raise questions about Azerbaijan's president"

Thanks for all your wonderful writing

Women's Forum said...

It seems the government is doing something to build and renovate schools in the regions. A lot has been done in orphanages too. As far as infrastructure needs go, I think there are some good investments. Of course more attention is needed in the area of capacity building. However I've not heard of schools being rebuilt without sewage and electricity. Do you name the name of the community where this happened?

arzu geybulla said...

@Women's forum true, some of the developments are happening and are invested, but for instance, in Lenkoran some of the schools that are newly built do not have electricity and sewage and kids have to use toilets that are located outside (the old school way).
i am not dismissing the fact that there isn't any development, there is, its just it is not well- channeled, organized, and transparent

Anonymous said...

I love the blog. I was once told a joke by a wise Azeri man, "An Azeri Ministry worker went to visit his friend in Ukraine and saw his fantastic house. He asked, "how can you afford this you work for the government as I do?" The Ukrainian man smiled and said, "no, no this is not from my salary! Come to my window and look at the bridge over the river. I was in charge of building that bridge. The government paid 1 million to build it but, I was able to do it for half that! So... I took the rest." The Azeri Ministry workers mind started thinking. Then, 5 years later the Ukrainian friend came to visit his Azeri friend, and was shocked to see the most beautiful house in the region was that of his friends. He asked, "how did you afford such an amazing house?" the Azeri Ministry worker proudly puffed out his chest and said, "look out my window to see the bridge I built! The Ukrainian had a puzzled look on his face as he said "I don't understand? I see no bridge?" To this the Azeri ministry worker smiled really big and said... EXACTLY! Keep up the good work opening minds!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't see the connection. America funding a non-existent country and Azerbaijan wasting its wealth through corruption and greed are two separate issues. I agree that both are bad. But its a logical fallacy to connect them.

Anonymous said...

AG, Bu da senin sualina mumkun olan cox sayli cavablardan biri: Gullere.Deyiller kecen ili 15-20 milyon arasi olub bu il, 44 milyon. Konfet kagizi yox ha, AG, manat. :) Bayaq da 3 dene de "vozdushniy shar" gordum, onlari da Almaniyadan aliblar. Bu hollandlar, almanlar ele bizim hesabimiza dolanirlar da. :)


arzu geybulla said...

:)) duz deyirsen. menim bildiyim gederiyle kecen il 18 milyon xerclenmisdi. bu il de ondan daha cox xerclenmesine hech teecublenmedim. ne ise... bu isler bele olmaga devam edecek hele uzun bir muddet.

koment ucun cox sagol ama :)