Monday, January 26

Azerbaijan International Airport

As a frequent flyer who visits Azerbaijan's International Airport quite often, I could never understand why only two (three maximum, even though in total there are 6 or 7) passport control windows  are open during departures and arrivals. 

Yesterday, as I arrived to Baku, I came across what I see every time when I come back to Azerbaijan. At around 6pm, three flights arrived to Baku International Terminal. Two flights from Istanbul, one from Dubai. There were as always only two windows open (one officer sitting inside, even though there is place for two). Finally, 30 minutes later they sat another officer at a new window which quickened the procedure up a bit. But hey, why bother and let people get done faster with their passport control and open all the windows? No no no! And poor foreigners! For them it takes even longer! First, you have to wait in line just like everybody else to get a stamp in your passport, then wait in another line to get your visa stamp, then come back yet again and wait in line for a final passport control. What a system! (I wonder if airport officers ever think about making things slightly easier?!) Its the worst, especially when you have an early morning or a late night flight in or out of the country because usually then there is just one window open (at best with two officers sitting inside).

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