Monday, October 12

So where is the development you all talk about?

I came across this photo series on AzadliqRadiosu earlier today as I was browsing news.

It is terrible, it is sad, and it is a reminder and stark contrast to what President Aliyev always LOVES talking about- Azerbaijan's development on all fronts. 

Aliyev often says Azerbaijan is great. Or that Azerbaijan succeeded at this or that. And all too often his minions love to say its because everyone is jealous of Azerbaijan that they keep criticizing the country. 

Well I am pretty darn sure, that noone in Europe or the Western world will be jealous of these pictures.  Or the state of this clinic that supposed to help people in need.

So where is this amazing, wonderful, over the top development that Ilham Aliyev likes to talk about? I do not see it in these pictures, that is for sure.

I dare President Aliyev and his lovely family of fashionistas come and get treated at this clinic

Yes, this is what Europe is jealous of!

Forget about sanitary just think for a moment, we boat of Haydar Aliyev Cultural Centers, Flame Towers, Highest Flag Poles but our Ministry of Health can boast about rotten medical buildings

I dare Azerbaijan's Minister of Health to come and get his teeth done here!

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