Sunday, April 26

Mr. President, you have failed us

President Aliyev,

These days letters addressed to you are popular. Even if it comes at great costs.

It is unfortunate...

Your ruthlessness, heartlessness is unfortunate. It is unfortunate for us. As we silently endure your reckless behavior toward us, towards this country, this land. 

As a citizen of Azerbaijan (before you take that away from mel) let me tell you (while I can) if not enlighten you that you have ruined this country and continue ruining it.

While chasing aspirations of something that is beyond my human understanding, you have ruined the lives of generations - at least from where I stand.

You have taken away from us, the most valuable - our future. You have infected the system that we live in, with a deadly virus - hopelessness.

Everything you have touched, is infected.

To cover this you have erected facades. Facades that hide Azerbaijan's reality.

In 2015, a country as rich in natural reserves as us, has political prisoners, no independent media, rights abuse and so much more.

You have wasted what rightly belongs to me and the rest of the 9.3 million people (or at least of those millions who still live in Azerbaijan) on your expensive toys and caprices.

You think we need Zahra Hadid?

We don't. Not when we have schools that are falling apart. Not when we have no equal rights. Not when we have no independent media. Not when we have free and fair elections. Not when we have ruined education and health care system. Not when our villages lack necessary infrastructure. Not when our very own future Hadids are facing inequality, violence and discrimination at home.  Not when we can raise our own generation of so many Hadids. Not when we have most of the country (with an exception of few towns that are taken care of thanks to its rich and well-connected governors) of development.

You think a villager in a remote village of Azerbaijan cares about Flame Towers?

These people care more about bringing food to a table, and struggling to care of their families. They worry whether tomorrow they are going to have electricity all day. Or whether they are going to have finally heating at their home. Or whether their children will finally have an education free of bribes. Or whether their local doctor won't demand money (which they don't have) to take care of a family member. Or whether tomorrow they are going to have the same job, whether they are going to get paid, whether there is anything beyond despair and misery.

Those Flame Towers are not making the lives of those people better.

Zahra Hadid's creation does not provide them with job security.

Another Olympic center or a park, does not assure them that their kids are going to have good future.

President Aliyev, your fellow Ministers, advisers, and many more who kiss up to you, or simply tell you what to do, you all have failed as leaders. You are frightened by your own people. You have become ruthless and blind to your own doing.

A high fence along the roads might hide these grievances from you as you drive to an opening of yet another multi-billion building.

You and the rest of you might think marble, glass and glitz can cure poverty but you are deeply mistaken.

Azerbaijan is tortured by and you alike.

It is unfortunate that in 21st century, we have people like you in power.

It is unfortunate Mr. President that you have failed your people and yourself...


Ismayil Hajiyev said...

I want to adress to him\her who has written this article. You're not Azerbaijani and you do not love this country. If you want to see the development and prosperity of Azerbaijan, I suggest you follow media.and you will be sure that Azerbaijan is one of the fastest developing countries in the world and it is evident. No one can deny it!

Unknown said...

Why don't you write about success of Azerbaijan and its huge development even though we are living in war situation? I know the answer. It is simple. Because of your bias. If you would care so much about Azerbaijan, I would advice you to write about refugee and IDP problem and Azerbaijan's occupied lands which since 20 years remains as it was. Do you dare? The answer is again clear.

Rubaba Mammadova said...

It has become so obvious that there is an information campaign to destabilize the situation in Azerbaijan before the European Games using human rights as a tool to pressure. How do you implement to blame Azerbaijan even without the knowledge of the country?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Geybulla,

please continue writing.

It makes me so sad, desperate, angry and hopeless to read the comments of Ismayil Hajiyev, Rashid Mammadov and Rubaba Mammadova.

And it makes me so confident to read yours. You're speaking from my heart.

And we are not alone.