Wednesday, March 2

In case you were wondering... a little bit on March 11

Here is an article i just translated on March 11 that was published originally here [AZ].

It has been few days now that a group called “March 11- great nation day” was created on Facebook. A group of over 20,000 active Facebook users were informed of its purpose. The creator of the group, Elnur Majidli who currently lives in France and is also the founder of European Azerbaijanis for Democracy organization says the aim of this group is to break mass hopelessness:

“The date March 11 was picked purely by coincidence. But it also coincides with Mubarak’s resignation marking exactly one month. On February 11th, Jabbar Savalan was arrested on charges of drug possession (that were planted on him) shortly after his call to people to come together at Freedom Square. On February 11th, while Jabbar was in prison, in Egypt, a dictator fell”.

There is nothing planned on March 11, “its simply a people’s incentive” says E. Majidli:

“Azerbaijani people, community, individuals will do whatever it is they see in March 11 themselves. Maybe there are going to be tens and hundreds of different protests, someone will hang out an Azerbaijani flag from their window, someone will wear a t-shirt, others distribute leaflets and etc.”

When asked whether it was also a coincidence that all of the group moderators live abroad, E. Majidli said, despite some people being offered to moderate the group in Azerbaijan, they refused:

“Many people refrain, so we put more brave ones to break this avoidance. If I would have opened this Facebook page have I lived in Azerbaijan, I would  have possibly get arrested. That is why I understand those who are in Azerbaijan”.

Among creators of the group is Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, who lives in Azerbaijan. He says, his involvement has to do with the technical issues of the group.

In the meantime, Chair of one of the pro- government political parties and a member of the national parliament Fazail Agamali, expressed his opinion regarding March 11, calling it “special project prepared in the kitchen of the radical opposition parties”.

E. Majidli however, criticized this statement, adding that he has already faced criticisms from the opposition parties regarding the event."


Anonymous said...

What are we doing about Baxtiyar Hajiyev??? Write a post! Spread the word! Let's get him out!

Xan said...

Hi Arzu.,
Im an editor of, studying & working in the US. I'd like to participate in any movement or activity for the democracy in azerbaijan :)
Its great pleasure to read your articles...
Im proud of you...