Sunday, March 6

Another activist in prison

Having Digiturk (Turkish cable TV) block in Turkey just because it didn't follow through its personal distress with Google, it has become a hassle to keep my blog updated on what is happening right now in Azerbaijan. However, thats for another discussion...

Following my post on March 11th event, one of its "creators" Bakhtiyar Hajiyev was arrested. On March 4th he was called in to the police for a second time that day and that was when he was never released. According to a letter received from Hajiyev, he was beaten, tortured and threatened to be raped by one of the local police officials of Ganja. He is currently on hunger strike.

Please spread the word- all we want for Azerbaijan is democracy, justice and freedom! Don't be fooled with fake anti- corruption measures and so- called "developments" taking place in this country- this is just a cover up for all the dirty deeds of Azerbaijani authorities.

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