Thursday, January 14

When laws suddenly start to work

There is a great legal system in Azerbaijan- on paper. Laws have been polished and re- written. One would think that things are perfectly fine. Well, not always and not for everyone...

The great legal system works only when its needed and not always to ensure justice and fairness.

Take for instance the bloggers case in Azerbaijan, its been on since July last year. 7 months later, there is still no development. This is to show that laws work only for some- Babek and Vusal- alleged victims who are free and enjoying their "sporty" life and when laws don't work- Emin and Adnan- two western educated, modern, liberal men, who have been behind bars all this time.

Most recent example however on perfectly operating legal system, took place yesterday (January 13th) when court of appeal rejected a group of representatives who asked to interview Adnan and Emin for a well known Fellowship Progam- John Smith.

In Azerbaijan, appeal court shows, that judge has no right to allow any foreign fund or embassy employees meet its convicts (so suddenly laws work again).

The appeal court is well aware of the nature and purpose of this interview, why reject? Isn't the whole point of imprisonment and serving a sentence is to educate its convicts; to teach them a lesson; to change their "criminal" mindsets?

This is an educational program- a chance to grant its participants to learn something new and implement it back at their homes- contributing to the development.

Who knows, maybe rejection is part of Minister of Education speech that appeared several weeks ago in Azadliq- how education in "certain" countries, spoils the mindsets of young Azerbaijan generation? It is perhaps for this reason that both Emin and Adnan been put behind bars? They studied too much, read too many books. They should have been more like Babek and Vusal- doing sports and staying uneducated with low IQs (we all know when Babek had a hard time understanding what an ID card was and naming where he was from).

Anyway, hope this decision is changed (justice for once maybe?!) and both Emin and Adnan do get a chance for an interview. I wish them both luck!

An article in Azeri on this is available here:

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Anonymous said...

it seems to me laws never work there suddenly. They always work but only for some people and not for all.
Emin and Adnan...I feel for them.

a peasant from Baku/Alef Jim