Wednesday, February 25

An end to story

When shut down, its 'supposed' opening day was today- 25th of February. But while both  of the sites (English and Azerbaijani versions) still have "the site is temporarily unavailable" announcement, I am afraid, it is going to stay unavailable and not just temporarily. 

Yesterday (February 24th), Radio Azadliq ( published a news entry, stating the faith of the two news portals, titled "The and projects have been sold" ( This was the statement made by the Editor-in- Chief, Elnur Baimov. While the faith of the rest of the staff is unknown, Baimov himself will no longer work with the new team. 

(More posts to come on the developments)

"Popular Azeri news website has new owner- former editor

The popular Azerbaijani news website, which stopped operating on 18 February, has been sold along with its English- language version, the website's former editor has said. In an inerview with the APA news agency on 24 February, Elur Baimov said he would not work with the new owner of the website, whom he did not identify. He gave no detail about the deal. was founded by pro- government MP Anar Mammadxanli in 2003. In an earlier interview with APA, Mammadxanli said the website's closure was caused by "technical problems". He promised that would resume work on 25 Februart (today)".

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